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Temporarily Able-Bodied

The world essentially consists of people who are experiencing disabilities, and those who aren't at the moment. All of us find ourselves functioning with reduced abilities at one time or another in our lives: trying to operate things with our gloves on, trying to do something after we've put drops in our eyes, trying to operate our VCR when we've left our glasses in the other room, or dealing with a broken arm. These are just some examples of temporary disabilities. In addition, those of us who expect to live past 75 should realize that 72% of us will have functional limitations, and 42% of us will have severe functional limitations.

Limitation by Circumstance

We also find that circumstances sometimes cause limitations. Try to use a kiosk in a shopping mall at Christmas time -- you can't hear it. Try using a Web site over a slow modem line -- it's 10 to 20 times faster if you use it in text-only mode, which is the primary mode used by people who are blind.

It's not "them," it's us.

So building a world which is more accessible and easier to use is not important for "them," but rather for us. Some of us have disabilities today; some of us will experience temporary disabilities tomorrow; and most of us will have to deal with reduced abilities eventually - and - those reduced abilities may become disabilities for us if we make the world of tomorrow difficult to use.

Designing the World of Tomorrow, Today

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